About us


We are flexible and are able to decide quickly on matters, due to flat organization.

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At Aidason Impex we are not looking for the fast one time deal. We are looking to create long term commitments with our customers in order to create even more synergy.

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Every healthy cooperation is based on trust. We take it as our responsibility to cherish this trust.

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Aidason Impex is a company specialized in the sourcing and supply of foodstuff, based in the Southeast of Romania . Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible quality products. Aidason Impex was founded after identifying a growing need of companies to increase their market reach. We offer for our customers in trading transactions in the consumer goods sector with a focus on products made in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.
As a business, we want to be economically successful. However, it is equally important to us to demonstrate social commitment at a local level. Help others help themselves – this is what we are striving for.

Companies that are looking to expand in new areas, often face difficulties as a result of a lack of local market knowledge, local regulations and different time zones. Also the food market has become more and more volatile. By providing our customers with up to date market information, we can help our customer in better assessing their risks and opportunities. These are all aspects where Aidason Impex could have an added value for your company..